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Wellness Psychological Services

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Welcome to Wellness Psychological Services

Low mental health literacy, learned attitudes and beliefs about mental illness limit access to care for many people in Uganda and countries similar to it. This is a major challenge given that mental health and substance use challenges are leading cause of disability globally according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Many mental health challenges show warning signs in a person’s teen years and 20% of children worldwide have a mental illness.

Wellness Psychological Services Uganda (WellnessPsychUg) is committed to improving mental health and mental health services in Uganda and expanding its approaches beyond our borders.  We believe that focusing public mental health efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa caters for the largest population which improves the mental health of all. We are working towards this in a variety of ways


Psychotherapy & Clinical Assessment

We offer therapy for common emotional, behavioral concerns and psychological conditions through Individual (adult, child & adolescent), couple, family, and group therapy. Our themes include but are not limited to personal growth, anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal conflict, anger management, addiction, grief/loss, career guidance and/or adjustment issues.

— Community Initiatives

We feel a responsibility to our community. We are committed to promoting a healthy community by extending psychological services through community initiatives. Our current project is The Wellness Project a child mental health awareness school program  designed for secondary schools in Uganda.

— Interactive Sessions

We initiate and facilitate activities that help raise awareness about mental health. This includes, talks, workshops, that focus on psycho-education and prevention. We aim to reach a wide range of people, including those who are interested in learning more about our services, those who may want to know more about how to help a friend and those who do not feel comfortable seeking therapy.


Contact Us

The first step in making an appointment is to text or call us on (+256) 793 419397 or (+256) 788 136450. From here you’ll have brief 5 – 10 minute phone conversation with a WellnessPsychUg staff member. This interview is intended to gather basic information about you and the concerns that have led you to WellnessPsychUg.

Schedule The Appointment

When you are done initially speaking with a staff member, next steps are discussed which may include scheduling an intake session with a WellnessPsychUg therapist.

Come In For Your Appointment

At this appointment, you meet with a WellnessPsychUg psychotherapist. This is an opportunity to elaborate on the concerns addressed during the phone conversation, to gather the information needed and to briefly start working through challenges and coming up with the NEXT steps or treatment plan. You will then discuss with your therapist the best plan for you.


If you or someone you know is threatening to hurt someone, including her or himself, call (+256) 793 419397 or (+256) 788 136450 immediately. In case of psychiatric emergency during non-business hours, please contact your nearest Emergency Room, Hospital or Police at 999.
During business hours, call WellnessPsychUg directly on (+256) 793 419397 or (+256) 788 136450