Mental Health & Psychosocial Support During COVID-19 Pandemic (MHPSS)

The current COVID-19 pandemic represents a dangerous increase of risk factors for mental health problems in children and adolescents: re-organization of family life, massive stress, fear of death of relatives, economic crisis with simultaneous loss of almost all support systems and opportunities for evasion in everyday life, limited access to health services as well as a lack of social stabilization and control from peer groups, teachers at school, and sport activities.
Anxiety, lack of peer contact and reduced opportunities for stress regulation are main concerns even though the current crisis can bring with it opportunities for personal growth and family cohesion, disadvantages may outweigh these benefits. Therefore although delivery of deliberate psychosocial interventions for child and adolescent wellbeing may be a challenge during the pandemic, it is necessary for limiting long-term consequences on the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents.

Wellness Psychological Services (WellnessPsychUG) is committed to targeting the mental health of young people to ensure the sustainable development of communities as a whole to cope with and thrive after the current crisis.  We have designed a therapy program with the objective to offer mental health support to children and young people like those at Streets to Success Foundation during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The main goal of the program, is to provide young people with skills and knowledge to develop adaptive coping strategies. This will help prevent aggravating pre-existing disadvantages reducing negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic while building social and emotional competences.
The objective of the program is to bring young people together who may be struggling with similar issues like emotion regulation, anxiety and depression in a space where they can connect and support one another while learning beneficial skills from an experienced therapist/mental health professional.

Streets to Success Foundation Group Therapy

Wellness Psychological Services (WellnessPsychUG) is pleased to partnering with Streets to Success Foundation providing a group therapy program for children to build resilience in response to psychosocial stressors during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

The concerns relate to COVID-19-associated mental health risk among vulnerable children and adolescent who were street involved with a history of psychological abuse, neglect, and substance use. Therefore, Wellness adopts a trauma informed emotional support psychoeducational group strategy to promote children’s wellbeing and resilience. The group therapy program provides children with interpersonal skills – increased confidence and improved communication skills along with training for caregivers. Most importantly, it is a positive environment where young people can find validation of their experiences, relate to peers with similar experiences, while receiving and offering guidance and encouragement.


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